7 thoughts on “Savour Ki Punjabi??

  1. umer says:

    savoar means
    which saves somhow so
    hifazti choal

  2. umer says:

    savoar means to save somhow
    so savoar is
    hifazti choal!!!!

  3. hasanphd says:

    lol at Hifazti Chaol…….
    Nice suggestion ..but brother this term explains one xtic of it.. there should be some term which could completely explain it…..

  4. Salman Latif says:

    Haha!! @ hifazati chowl!! ;D
    I myself don’t know how to translate it.lol

  5. zain says:

    hey it is “polah tay tikki”. hahaha

  6. khurram khan says:

    yaar tis topic is
    u eat bombay biryani and sindhi biryani

    • hasanphd says:

      @Khuram:Pindi Biryani??…..But brother savour isnt biryani…..its ingredients are different from biryani…..and one thing more its also available in Islamabad. What about Jurwan Chawal. (Twin City Rice). LOL

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