Koi Arabic Movie!!??

The Network Administration of University decided to migrate their VPN(Virtual Private Network) to a same default gateway star topology system. In case of VPN’s different computers were provided with different default gateways according to nearest Access point. But by the implementation of New system, the whole Hall consisting of 250 rooms got connected to a single gateway. Hence everyone got ability to share/use resources shared on Network.

Then comes the Vy chat software……
A software to chat on Intranets. Initially when it was non famous when i started to use it, there were hardly more than three people found online on the network. But by the recursive redistribution of the software, the amount increased upto 20 in a month. The software became a curse because every user (with few exceptions) used the software to acquire new movies. You would approximately get at leat 10 messages an hour for any new movies.Like this
“Yaar koi nai movie hae tou send kerna.”
The software became so disturbing, irritating and annoying one. I was about to uninstall it when i got a plan in my mind. “Why not irritate people who are used to irritate others…!!” I thought and got a plan in my mind. Since most people used to demand English or indian movies, I started to ask for Arabic Movies. Hahahaha. After every minutes i sent a message
“Koi Arabic Movie Send Karain Plz.”
😛 And everyone was so much annoyed after an hour that some said #@$@#$$@! and othres ##@%*%*^()#*%&# Hope you have understand that.
And one day someone appeared with the name Hira!!!! I was surprisesd. For this nick to be real, there could be only one possibilty, that NARC has provided the same gateway to Girls Hostel also. So i asked the question that is it so??? And the person negated. So proved fake, but i continued and asked ” How is it possible then that a girl chatting from Q hall’s net??” And the person replied: ” U have any problem with that” I said :”No No not at all! Main tou bus apka kamra number poochna chahta tha!” 😛
Next day that person met with me and he told me that he made fool many people yesterday with that nick. Very funny. Now my trial has expired. But the software is really helpful for publishing news and starting Discussions and many other things to be done. What i wanted to say was that dont use the software only for getting movies or music. This has alot more capabilities in it. Discover them also.


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