Year 10000

I wanna listen to music…..The desire that i got in my heart the previous day.So i switched on the button of my PC. But my PC was taking more time than normal in starting and finally it got struck in between the way.What the rubbishness its showing I shutted it down and switched on the PC of my room mate. Things working great. Thank God,at last he recovered his PC from lethal viruses. Double click My Computer then drive E ,the Music drive. And then English->T-Pain-> Step Up….What a rocking sound track.

But whats this error PC giving on double click. For the first time i just ignored it and pressed ok. On trying again to open the file the same message appeared. I thought it would be sound drivers which must be probleming. I just pressed ok again and went to Start ->Run-> sndvol32….. But everything was working fine…. Then whats the problem and rad the message. The message said The date on Your Computer is Invalid Please Change Date or Update your Software………What the disgusting thing.!!!! So i went to check the date
Whats this the date is Year 10000!!!!!
Wow how it could be…..I didnt changed the date and tried one thing more that i tried to open other softwares which said the same to me to change the date otherwise pc would go vulnerable and or install upgrades of the software…. So i changed the date but when i tried to re enter the old date of 10000 it didnt work.i always wonder how such large date can ever be entered into the date box…. while windows XP supports date till 2099. Can anyone answer how i can enter date year 10000.????

Was it a malfunction?? or bios date setting could do so???

Anyone having answer please reply!!!


6 thoughts on “Year 10000

  1. ahmad naeem says:


  2. Qamar says:

    Is it BC or DC?

    • Qamar says:

      BC or AD? i mean

      • hasanphd says:

        lol….hahaha…..good question raised…..i hadnt noticed it at that time but most probably it would be AD……Another idea …..lets take back date ………..oops………..but the limit exceeds at 1980… you cannot enter less year than this..

  3. zain says:

    ok, it’s awesone, very good, why not you stop involving your pc and softwares so much in your posts

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