7 thoughts on “Only 4 Days

  1. Salman Latif says:

    It’s a beautiful post. Like….it made me too miss my home and family, especially mother.
    But hey, don’t let urself disheartened by few notorious elements! You are away from so many dear ones and things and so you must use all of your time in the most constructive things. And so, you must continue to excel in your field!!
    Best of luck wid everything (:

  2. hasanphd says:

    Thanks for appreciation. I need your guidelines. I need your help brother…. There are only a few people whom i trust…..so dont break my trust…..and be a part of me …to achieve the nobal causes

  3. blackdexter says:

    Very well written…. As you’ve initiated this post by my statement, I really miss mama hell alot now a days…

  4. zain says:

    nice post man!The day will come when you will be in your house. best of luck

  5. hasanphd says:

    @blackdexter ,Zain….thank you for appreciation
    Now i recognize what is home sickness……

  6. anum says:

    i lyk it vvvvvvvvvvvvvv much

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