Shaheen Banata Naheen Aashiana

Shaheen Banata Naheen Aashiana

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12 thoughts on “Aashiana

  1. M. M. says:

    Wow… I don’t know EXACTLY what it means ):
    But I love the sound of it…
    And how may I help you? (:

  2. hasanphd says:

    Obvious… Its showing shaheen’s xtic that it says i dont belong to a particular destination……I have been in the field of graphics from 6 years without any assistance from anyone…..But now i feel it takes you too much time to learn things on your own…… Can you help me and answer a few queries……..like how to modify CSS……and or help me to create a new self made design…..???I would be grateful to you ….Have you seen my unviersty title page design ..do feedback me about that…….

  3. M. M. says:

    Thanks for the explantion… When it comes to Urdu… difficult Urdu… I know nothing 😛

    Well, to be able to modify the CSS, you’ll have to pay $15 annually…

    I prefer a GOOD theme, a custom header and personal widgets… they add a PERSONAL touch to your blog… without having to do anything with the CSS (:

    Give this blog a look:
    Now give my blog a look:
    Both of them have the same theme… Mine has a personal touch to it… the other is in its RAW form.

  4. hasanphd says:

    Well i am thinking about migrating from wordpress to blogspot ……blogspot’s functionalities are thousand times improved than that of wordpress….What do you suggest???…I daily visit your blog….excellently modified widgets and headers make your blog incredible…….Thanks for explaination…

  5. M. M. says:

    Well, I agree with that… BUT if you’ll shift to Blogspot, you’d get almost everything ready made… WHOLE, WHOLE THEMES… I’m not the sorta person who’d go with anything like that… For WordPress gives us a chance personalize our blogs… Blogspot doesn’t…
    You can enhance the look of your blog by learning bits of HTML… and playing with the tools… SERIOUSLY!
    Anyway, it’s upto you (:

  6. zain says:

    You gonna improve your blog style. it looks more beautiful

  7. M. M. says:

    WOW… I love the new header… It’s awesome (:
    But why don’t you try making a header according to the size specified? Then you won’t have to crop (:
    PLUS, there are more themes that allow CUSTOM HEADER… do check them out, too!

  8. Hassan Raza says:

    Thanks for appreciation
    Actually its too small in dimensions mentioned in theme specifications…
    just 780*95…..so i have to design within this small dimension. this time it isnt cropped
    i would be soon updating the whole blog ,after exams……
    Keep in touch 🙂

  9. Qamar says:


    I am really surprised that you think so deeep and mature. Feels good

    I am proud of you my bro….

  10. M. M. says:

    Hassan: *fingers crossed* 😛 😛

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