Is It the same sun??

The cool and slim shady and nicely bright peacefully glowing sun, has turned into arrogant, offensive, repellent, skankyingly heaty and firing SUN.

I question SUN are you the same?
Is it you Mr. Sun that creates regional discriminations through your favoritism?
Is it you Mr. Sun that makes climatic differentiations and distinctions among us?
Is it you that encourages provincial extremism?
Are you Mr. Sun involved in introducing differences among us?
Are you implying some part of country Progressive and other regressive?

The sun listened to my words patiently and answered in burning words that….

Sun replied:
I am the same. Natural Resources provided by Allah to His creations remain the same. I am not involved in any discrimination or differentiation. You people yourself create limits, differences, discriminations and definitions sometimes for your simplicity and sometimes due to your ideology. Otherwise Allah, The Creator of me and you has defined no limits. You are free to move on Allah’s Earth. You all Muslims are brother to each other. You asked of my part in progression. Dear it’s none of my business to take part in your progression or regression. Your deeds and utilization of my powers usefully may contribute towards your progress. You people just keep throwing stones of words on someone and do nothing. Help you and support you, yourself. Believe on the powers given to you and trust Blessings of Allah. I will be there to help you and take part in your effort to the extent I can. I shine somewhere more bright because it’s better for you to capture my Solar powers in those areas. I shine less in some areas because I am either less needed their or not good for that area. So I just used to keep on hiding or pleasingly shining for those parts and regions. But in your region I shine with full of my power, to give you a opportunity to capture me. I remain so close to you, give you all of my time. I seldom hide. But you always try to keep on hiding from myself. It’s ok. You may hide, but just set some solars so that I can shift my powers to you in a way you too can utilize.

Would you do so?


4 thoughts on “Is It the same sun??

  1. zain says:

    hmmmmmm! the use of natural resources. hassan! jahan raho khush raho. you should hav plan for a solar energy plant design. we slute you hassan. you are the proud of our country
    i am jealous.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooooooooooooooooooh.

  2. blackdexter says:

    Creative piece of Work!! Impressive! 🙂

  3. hasanphd says:

    Thanks for Appreciation…

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