9 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Rehan says:

    i am still looking for the logo design rendered by you didn’t got it yet here on ur blog maybe u submitted it to your portfolio ? !!

    I have just read ur comment at pakistan blog .. well i am feeling u r a PHD .. u are already excel .

    but if we analyze the majority of our female suffers

  2. hasanphd says:

    I havent added that logo so far. I would add only after his approval.
    I am not a phd. I am a student of Bachelors of Engineering . The life that i have passed so far has proved that majority of females who comes to acquire higher education is highly favoured by everyone everywhere. Regarding your analysis i think you analyzed the matriculation and primary section students. Well i believe things are worst than ever you could imagine. There is literally no education system at all. Every student faces these hurdles. Regardless of gender. The females excellence in those sections is admirable. I agree with your opinion to some extent but not totally. There was a big news saying “larkiyan phir baazi lay gayen”. This is gender discrimination provoking post. Not gender equality encouraging thought of writer.

  3. Komal Ali says:

    *Ouch* for the gym thing and best of luck with raising your gpa!

  4. M. M. says:

    I’d like to view the logos… and best of luck with your GPA. It’ll improve inshaAllah. And that happens… the pain I mean 😛 For a class play once… musical and dance… I once practiced for hours and hours… and the next day… the big day… I couldn’t move a muscle 😀 (almost)

  5. Salman Latif says:

    That was a better decision to leave the societies for studies – but I look forward to your designs (:
    Plus, be easy on gym thingy – zyada lagaya to utha nain jayay ga aik, do din 😛

    • hasanphd says:

      i have left gym….. and started jogging now a days… it was so enjoyable to jogg in fatima jinnah park in the evening. now i enjoy it on university roads….

      i Sincerely advice you too to think about your gpa..

  6. zain says:

    hmmmmmmmm! you waiting for hit and i waiting for you. i am very bored. (:

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