Photo Manipulation: Tutorial 1 (Enabling Transparency)

Mixing pictures. Working with digital photographs. Fixing pictures. Improving Quality. I wanna share my knowledge on these things in my words, in the form of tutorials. I am not a professional in the field of designing, neither in writing tutorials. But i will try my best to the extent I can. Queries and feedback are highly encouraged. Because its the only way I think to improve yourself.

So here goes our first tutorial of Photo Manipulation.  So lets start.

Lesson one is about Microsoft Paint. I just want to explain a feature of MS Paint about which most of you would have been unaware.  Feature is  about changing background of a picture using microsoft Paint. Microsoft Paint does not support multi layers.  We have to work on a single layer. So open your upper layer in ms paint first (The picture whose background is to changed) in our example its Image 1. Image 2 is our new background of our Image 1. You all have been known to how to insert image 1 over image 2 as shown here:



But what we want to do is to make to disappear the white part of image 1. Doing so we would be able to change the background. So lets do it.



You can see its too roughly selected . The reason  is that there are small varition of color at these spots. If using Razor tool we wipe these boundry whiteness parts (do it just after step 2). We would be having a very fine selection. And results are pretty fine. You can further improve it using zoom tool and razor tool combination. Just erase the white side parts. And razor tool will actually remove those small variations of color to default white. Repeating same steps onward we get:



As you can see stil a little white parts have remained with our selection. This is actually mainly the limitation of MS Paint.

Now Your turn to experiment.

PS: Here are source files

fibre_bubbles_1024 wall_e14a


9 thoughts on “Photo Manipulation: Tutorial 1 (Enabling Transparency)

  1. zain says:

    so you started, it seems interesting.

  2. imtiazulhassan says:

    It was a nice tutorial dear bro.No doubt its appreciable because these sorts of efforts make us improve our skills.Carry on and be more innovative.

  3. Salman Latif says:

    Awesome tutorial bro!! (:
    Btw are there any other ways of doing this more accurately??

    • hasanphd says:

      Well it was just an introduction about how to make selections. And how to remove or edit backgrounds. We will learn in Corel about accurate ways of selecting things.

  4. irfanjilani says:

    oh! thats very nice. you are really a computer master.

  5. blackdexter says:

    Nice lessin- teacher ;p

  6. M. M. says:

    That’s quite a profession post (: And I’d love to learn how to merge different images! Like more than two!

  7. Hassan Raza says:

    Yes. I finally decided to start with idea of University Media Club in my mind.

    I would try to be more innovative..

    @ irfan
    lol…computer master… 😛

    thanki manki verymuchi…. 😛

    Hold on. You would soon learn everything i know.

  8. M. M. says:

    Ahan… I’m waiting impatiently 😛

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