Saraikistan/BWP Province

Though we were somewhat free at the time of coming into appearance at the map of World. But we have been caught by different forces; of discrimination, individuality, personal benefits, dictatorship, absolutism and unequal distribution of resources, unjust systems and growing restlessness among people. The crisis of Electricity and shortage of basic need things are additional packages of problems. And here comes another problem in the form of Lingual Discrimination promoted by some elements for their benefits. It’s the slogan of “Saraikistan”.

A demand of another province in Punjab province. Some say its political play by some political people for their political benefits. And others say it’s their basic right to demand their part which has been snatched by upper Punjab and Punjabi’s from 62 years. Another opinion in space is that it’s the natural demand because such a huge province can never be controlled by these administrative blocks. It is demand of day that a new province should come into existence which they consider could solve their problems.

I accept that there has been somewhat discrimination kept by upper Punjab for South Punjab and Backward areas. But if we try to figure out the reasons why it was so we will find that most of the leaders of area has got every time grants for progress and improvements but every time the Leaders of area has used their powers and grants in wrong ways which is mainly reason of the backwardness of area.

A new administrative block could be a possible solution to problem but we should see back in our history. These five provinces have been fighting from years on very minute issues. And now if so we would add one more in fight. These fights have always regressed the progressive plans and added problems to situations. I am against any administrative or Lingual partition of any province of Pakistan.

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One thought on “Saraikistan/BWP Province

  1. shunyansh says:

    south asia is very high population denser part of world.this area never one nation. many boundaries carried by independent time they devide this region basis of religion. due to resultant punjabi killed punjabi;bengali killed bengali.this event done to our backwardness .now present time our mainly problem kasmir; we have spent money to fight to india; indian also spent.the total profit goto usa china rusi isrial.present time we fight our real creat a seriki state on south asia.

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