Worst Expedition

Throughout these two years of my engineering at taxila. I had many experiences of Train and bus voyages. But the worst one I retrieve was the journey that I completed from Khanpur to Pindi at Rohi express. It took me thrity (30) hours to total this distance. I have had no booking though I struggled for it for a week and trains were hand to mouth with passengers those days. The train started its journey from its initial point Khanpur with a delay of three hours. And only after half an hour of its activity it clogged at Liaqatpur station and there it stopped for six hours 😦 So within last seven hours it only covered a half hour distance from khanpur. I remember those days. These were state of affairs after Benazir Bhutto Shaheed’s assassination. The whole railway system was almost destroyed a few trains were operational and people were struck at different locations for non availability of any kind of transport. Our station master denied any availability of trains for next seven days. And so I decided to catch Rohi from khanpur station. But this experience proved worst. I started my jouney at 1230 daytime and next day at 0600 evening I arrived at my destination. And when I arrived at my hostel another test for my patience as I have got no keys of room and my room mate was out of university and I have to wait for three more hours for him before he arrived and opened the door. It entirely took me thirty three hours to go from my hometown to my room in university. Longest Journey of my life and worst experience of delays.

$¡ĝŋƏď: ĦĂšăŇÞĥĐ


6 thoughts on “Worst Expedition

  1. Assalamoalaikum,

    I can imagine. I think we had a similar experiece once, going from Milan ( with two exceptionally naughty kids) to Uk. The worst journey of MY life and you had to wait when you finally get there, the worst thing in the world, we had lost our keys and had to make them :S

    something like that.

    Sometimes it is just luck.. Are you well rested now?
    Ramadan Mubarak, hope youare up for it InshaAllah.

    P.S should have taken some photoes on the way there to past your time 😀

  2. Haris Gulzar says:


    I missed reading your blog. Good to be back reading :-). That journey must be irritating. I once completed a journey from Islamabad to Skardu in 33 hours on a bus. You can at least take a good nap in the train but you cant do that in bus. But I dint feel the heat much because it was a university trip for vacations 🙂

  3. zain says:

    Oh! i thought your worst experience is going from pindi to karachi.

  4. zain says:

    What????????? means you remember her

  5. Hassan Raza says:

    @ Alhamdolillah

    W/S.Sad to listen about your similiar experience. Its sometimes luck i think so that tries to testify our limits. lol 😛 i should have taken some photos if i had a device…anyhow time passed afterall but left memories for ever.


    W/s And i still miss reading your blog. I hope to be back soon in blogging.InshaAllah. 🙂


    Well Zain thats another story. I am thinking to post about that expedition also. It was a also a memorable one. Just give me time to collect its pictures.

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