Ramzan Mubarak ho!


    I don’t know why but whenever I try to pen down something I usually get a lot of old memories in my head. For example yesterday I wrote about my worst expedition. Similarly last night I thought I should write on welcome of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak. But the memories….

       This time it was memory of one of my best friends Muhammad Qaiser (Late).
The one whom I consider one of my stars! He was very hard working person. His village has a school but it only was till primary level. For middle and matriculation level studies, he joined our school which was at that much distance that he has to travel daily for three hours to reach school. But he never minded and continued. In absence of teacher (this happened off and on) he helped his class fellows to not waste time and learn something he was known to. He was a very brilliant student I should say. Because if you have to travel daily for 6 hours and six hours of school time. It is a very tough schedule. I don’t know how he managed, but he always leaded the class.

         The only difficulty he faced was English. He was second on our school positions and I was first when we passed matriculation. Later I joined a local private college and he went to district federal college. And we saw each other after 4 months of our matriculation result. When he met me he explained his problems he has been facing in his college.
        He said every teacher in his college delivers lecture in English which is out of his understanding. He wasted all of his time to translate things from English to Urdu and then make things for his understanding. He asked me of some dictionary on biological terminologies. Fortunately I found one in my book shelf. The college he has been studying provided him hostel accommodation also but he found himself restless there as he was unable to study anything due difference of medium. I explained him environment of my college. He thanked me and disappeared.
      Next time , only after a week I saw him with a file of documents in his hands and standing in front of my college’s vice principal’s office. It amazed me. But he explained that he is going to take admission in my college. Though it was too late but our principal admitted him on the basis of his extraordinary performance in college admission test.
             Things continued very good. He has no hostel accommodation here in my college so routine changed to the same he faced in his school life(three hours to reach college 3 hrs to go back). But his performance improved day by day because his medium problem was solved I think. A month later I guess, One day he told me that he has rented a room nearby the college. That’s very good. At least he would be able to concentrate on his studies and soon would be on top of list.
              I remember that day it was beginning of Ramazan-Ul-Mubarak, he said me “Ramzan Mubarak ho !” and he told me about his room. He was very happy those days. Things were getting as busy as there were so many burdens of studies as mid semester examination was near.
             It was 20 ramazan Friday morning, English lecture was in progress. When the news came about death of Mr Qaisar. It astonished me. My senses freezed. Eyes unconsciously filled with tears. How is it possible? Yesterday we met he was alright. I cant believe it for hours. I thought he would have been sick hard and may be in some hospital in adverse condition but I can never imagine of his death. He was quite healthy yesterday. What happened to him?
                Answers revealed to us when I arrived his village. His cousin 13 years old who was with him last night told that he was sick from evening of last night He wrote an application (I still have that application stored in my diary). He was having severe vomiting. He was feeling weakness so the cousin provided him support till toilet door. He then never came out. After one hour his cousin felt the seriousness of issue and struggled to open door. And he was found dead in there. His cousin ran to nearby doctor, Doctor arrived and confirmed his death due to “Haiza”. Next morning we were informed of his death. A few days later on a detailed discussion with his cousin. I found a cause of his death. That night they have bought some “Pakoraas” from a close at hand fast food outlet. That substandard food reacted adversely. And due to negligence from treatment, vomiting got severed and at 1130 night, he breathed his last.
I request you all my dear readers to take care of your food specially in ramazan. And do not buy substandard things from market at the cost of your life.
             I was struggling to pen down something on welcome of ramzan. I say you all Ramzan Mubarak. May Allah bless you all.


6 thoughts on “Ramzan Mubarak ho!

  1. zain says:

    you too dear. happy to see you again.

  2. Haris Gulzar says:

    Thats sad indeed. May Allah rest his soul in peace. Something similar happened to me a few months back. During my class, I heard that one of my students died on the way to university, probably some route bus hit him. I had similar feelings when I heard about his death :-(.

    Ramazan Mubarak to you too. May Allah bless you and your loved ones. Ameen

  3. Saad Noor says:

    😦 A very sad incident indeed…. May his soul rest in peace, ameen.
    Ramazan mubarak to you!

  4. M. M. says:

    That’s very sad… I feel like crying )’: )’:

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