Destination Unknown

I updated my status on facebook a few hours ago. It was

“Destination Unknown”

As soon as I changed my status a philosophical discussion spurred on it. Here it is:

Destination unknown

Shriku Miku

know ur path then:P

Hassan Raza

i know path but where is destination…. 😛

Shriku Miku

it ll lead to the destination

Hassan Raza

😛 but why destination unknown….i should be aware of where is destination and when i would reach there….otherwise this journey on strayed paths is meaningless.

Crucified Saviour

if u know ur destiny already… u’l not enjoy adventures in ur path…

Crucified Saviour

no journey or experience is meaningless… u always learn from them…

Shriku Miku

if u know ur paths r strayed then ……..theirs a problem…u should b confident of ..paths u r following …… can give u the glimpse to ur destiny

Hassan Raza

if i would know my destiny it would be more adventurous….i cannot learn from a meaningless journey. i would only be able to follow right path if i would be know to my destiny…

Shriku Miku

destiny can never b known……………..its u who mark footsteps to carve ur destiny…….n its not adventurous if u r knowing that u ll b having flu the next day. it will. only cost some extra stress…n nothing……….follow ur footsteps to make ur destination…n u shld b having a clear sanario of ur destination in ur mind..i ll b thrilling

Crucified Saviour

but u only hav certain probablity that u can find ur destiny… it’s not necessary that u’l gono got ur destiny…

Shriku Miku

yahan pe tuo ..philosopher jama hua hua hein:)

Hassan Raza

then its hopeless to keep on moving without knowing not what i would be

Shriku Miku

no its hopeful b moving in…..chasing wat u want to do…..

its not abt wat u ll…its just abt wat u r doing to be

Hassan Raza

only philosophy and religion can help find destination unknown… b aa jao…

Crucified Saviour

but u shud hav realistic approach…

Shriku Miku

g g be realistic as crusified is saying:)

Crucified Saviour

u can only imagine ur destination but how can u find it b4 exploring any thing.. ???

I am still confused about destination unknown. I think i should be known first about what is my destiny. But discussion  proved its better to be unaware of your destiny. Whats your word??


15 thoughts on “Destination Unknown

  1. Haris Gulzar says:

    LOL :-P. I like the way each one of you kept proving your point 🙂

  2. Saad Noor says:

    Religion is the answer! Like you said. Confusion comes when we mix philosophy with religion…like you mentioned philosophy with the religion. And it is always hard to follow the religion strictly: the more you indulge, the harder it gets. It is destined to be this way. Rest is upon us to be smart to choose the right path however hard it may be. Eventually there would be no worries about the destination and there would be a contentment that whatever the destination is, it would be the best of the best.

    • Hassan Raza says:

      Philosophy i what you conclude and deduce from your senses while religion addresses philosophy and also those things which are out of our approach to test and interpret through our senses. But discussion isnt on philosophy or religion or philosophy but about destiny. Though religion helps us to find our destiny but what is our destiny is question of my philosophy religion answers it in Surah Mulk first ruku’e… whenever anything like this gets in our mind which is not tested by senses or our thoughts we should take help from religion. Thank you for your beautiful words Saad. I hope you will keep visiting. 🙂

  3. Huda says:

    This was funny! 😛

  4. Assalamoalaikum
    Seems like I ahvent been here for ages! Wow the new blog header and lots of things have changed. I like the new look!!

    And well…

    I think if somone doesnt have a set destination and goal, then their existance is meaningless..

    • Hassan Raza says:

      Do we have to set goals ourselves???

      • Of course, if you live your life from day to day without setting goals whether short termed or long termed for yoruself, how do you mlive:S

        just drift with no achievements? no sense of victory, satisfaction after ticking seomthing off your list of targets?

        Our existance, has a goal too, to Please Allah and attain pradise and pass the test of the temporary world, our short term goals should depend on that as well, how we spent every day , did it brng us closer to achieving that aim or not.
        If we dont ahve a goal, then we dont have a purpose to live…

  5. If Destination is unknown, Leave it to Allah, he will decide himself…. 🙂

  6. shafq says:

    masla hi khatam kar deya ha…..captureunivers na tuo

  7. Hassan Raza says:

    u koi aur masla khara ker do… 😛 for captureuniverse not for me… i m already wearied off from these problems you create for me… 😛 thanks for coming to my blog. hope you would be here off and on now… 😛

    • Ohhh no not for meee…..I am hell sick of problems and problems….. Now I want something good to hear…. something nice to happen…. 🙂
      Allah is the only and only hope for me….though I am little bit philospher but still my all lines end up on Allah and his will….
      Philosphy and all other logics are failed where Allah’s will stand…. 🙂

  8. AD says:

    are you not too young to be so lost 🙂

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