Cruel Constitutions

Yesterday some one really broke my heart. I was so depressed, lonely and bad. I felt it was unjust that anyone can come and break my heart. I think i should sue the person who broke my heart. So I contacted a lawyer. The lawyer demanded for some proofs but I had no proofs….. 😦 what to do then??? He refused that he cannot help me and infact no constitution can help me as I have no evidence of a heart break. But I fell my heart is really broken by that person. And i still feel pain deep inside.But why our constitutions cannot understand it. Why they are emotionless?? I want to say that our constitutions are cruel.


4 thoughts on “Cruel Constitutions

  1. Saad Noor says:

    Looks like some engineer or researcher ought to invent an “emotionometer” to help out such cases. Am really not kidding… Its doable.
    My sympathies with all the broken hearts…

    • Hassan Raza says:

      😛 yep brother. Well i have seen such things in some TV programs but all seems failed. Nothing worked genuinely. Its the field of knowing ones mind. I will think on making an emotionmeter. 😛

  2. zain says:

    ouch! your heart broken………the constitutions are not cruel……..those are cruel who broke your heart

  3. heart broken case….check your own heart…he is the victim and he is the lawyer, take decision according to your heart will….cause Allah lives in heart 🙂

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