The Owl and Sparrow


We the people of Pakistan are courageous enough to face the bloodshed of terrorism, of necessities and increment of problems. We suffer in shortage of basic necessities and food in an agricultural country yet we have to enjoy political drama. We have political parties with kings and princes. The parties with emotional slogans to hide facts, The facts which are used to control by a mysterious establishment, The establishment which have formed a independent judiciary with detained judges, The judiciary to legitimate dictators, the Dictators to show beautiful facts to control politics, the Politics of politician that does not need people, The people which have scarified almost every thing including sovereignty, integrity, honor and wealth of ideology.

Sheikh Sa’adi describes that once a pair of sparrow reached at a buried town and owl sitting on the tree. They think that town vanished due to the misfortune of owl sitting in the town. It was the time of late evening they decided to stay at that only tree by getting permission from owl. The owl came into know about the feelings of sparrow pair. At morning the sparrow felt help less when he found his spouse lost. He asked to owl about it, and astonished to know that owl said she is mine. The sparrow went to crow representing the judiciary of town and filed petition against owl. More surprisingly crow gived decision in favor of owl when owl talked about some personal favorite relation with crow, dismissing petition. Sparrow was about to cry when he hear owl saying the towns does not bury due to fates these are the deeds of township peoples which make the destiny.

ps: Finally got the chance to blog something . This pathetic university net is disgusting.I miss you all alot.


11 thoughts on “The Owl and Sparrow

  1. Salman Latif says:

    Very true!! Both about the situation of this country and about the pathetic condition of university net 😀

  2. zain says:

    Eh! that is the bad situation…….Wr have sacrificed much but we are passionate to do something better for nation…….for us….

  3. Assalmaoalikum,

    Seems like I ahvent come here or anywhere in ages!!

    JazakAllah for the wonderful post .

    keep blogging

    • Hassan Raza says:

      Wa Alikum Salam
      😛 well welcome back to blogging. It was very difficult to manage blogging in tough schedule of university life. I hope i will keep blogging, and also hope you will keep visiting.

  4. hmmm……

    true we are the victims of our own desires and deeds so we don’t have the right to cry….

  5. Saad Noor says:

    Yup! Very true… And a nice incidence quoted to sum it all up.

  6. Ishba Shehzad says:

    “towns do not bury due to fates. These are the deeds of township people which make their destiny.”


  7. Hassan Raza says:

    welcome Ishba Shehzad…. whats that QFT ?

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