How could Pakistan’s current education system be improved?


Numerous ayah of Holy Qura’an emphasis on thinking about creation of universe, forces acting In universe, creation of day and night, heavens, treasures beneath earth, technology etc. Almost Eighth part of Qura’an is on science related topics. It is Islam which makes a nation, technology leader which have only 10 to 15 persons who can read and write. Even the western thinkers accept this realty in “The Legacy of Islam” stating: “There is no doubt that Islamic sciences exerted a great influence on the rise of European science.”
If Islam emphasis on thinking and continuous evolution why our Islamic education system has stuck since 600 years.

Alas we have stuck at the point of independence. Still our schools and colleges are making clerks and meek servants of feudal serpents, far away from the courage to fight for truth.

1. Starting our agenda, we will strive to improve curriculum of Education system. In my opinion a good education system should give following competencies to the students:

• IDEOLOGY: Mongols won the battle but loose the ideology war. We have one of the best ideologies of world. The need is to duly transfer it to the students.

• OBJECT ORIENTED: Youth of Pakistan is facing a goal crises. Most of us meekly go to schools as parents ordered so, go to college to become collegiate and university to enjoy golden days of life. The education system must remove the ambiguity from students’ minds.

• CREATIVITY: Regurgitation of textbook in test or papers has destroyed the creative ability of students. They have to vomit their knowledge on neat and clean papers in answering the perceived famous questions. Education system must raise creative skills in students at very basic level.

• TECHNICAL SKILLS: Students have to learn mostly irrelevant outdated data at schools/colleges and essential part of knowledge is many times neglected. The right information at right place at right time is far more helpful than any other.

• CAREER CONSULTATION: Doctor, Engineer, Armed forces, teaching. Mostly, especially in rural areas, students want to join them. When boom of IT, every one rushes to that direction. And now trend of banking jobs. Still there are many occupations which need manpower a lot. Also many time people suffer from their chosen chore when see unprecedented work environment. A good career consultation is very helpful to chose career for youth.

• INTERPERSONAL SKILLS OR SOCIETAL SKILLS: Man is a social animal. To make it civilize, education system must provide adequate guidance.

• LAWFULNESS: Many of us feel law is a dangerous thing. This perception is due to lack of knowledge. This lack of knowledge results in lawlessness. To make a society for rule of law, awareness is required at nuff age level. Our goal is to achieve unambiguous vision about duties and obligations.

• LESSONS FROM HISTORY: Our prosperous history reveals many lessons to understand. The education system should emphasis students to read the prosperity and learn some thing despite of just memorizing it until exams.
• LESSONS OF UNITY: Unity is more than story of bundle of sticks. The techniques of group dynamics should be practiced at the basic levels of education. To fight against provincialism and extremism it is required to get a culture of tolerance through educational institutions.

2. You cannot use one hammer for all nails but you have to use some hammer for each nail.
Meaning to that is we need single education system to overcome the differences among society. For this purpose a standalone body Basic Education Commission will be formed.
Responsibilities of BEC will be to make policies and standards drawings, defining curriculum, advising the schools and colleges, checking and follow up about practices.
Up to five years education will be same for all. BEC will design an autonomous structure for public sector schools and colleges.

3. An independent examination body to design and take examination from the whole country to make the same education level. The National Examination Department will take examination under the help and guidance of BEC & HEC. For examinations of Islamic education board will be chose with the help of Islamic Education Advisory Council.

4. Emphasis will be given to rural and remote area schools. Formers and villagers are to communicate and with their participation village schools will be building. Special incentives for remote area teachers and awards for finding and re-establishing ghost schools will be given.

5. Mega programs for teacher training according to scientific rules in collaboration with ground realities. Certificate will be necessary for all teachers working in public sectors or in private sector. Pays of teachers will be revised to make it an attracting profession.

6. Special knowledge sharing programs for teachers, not only in public sectors but also working in private sector, will be made by BEC.

7. Skilled people retired from their jobs/occupations may be invited to guide students. At local level career consulting councils of volunteers will be formed.

8. Student unions to give them the practical knowledge of politics, lawfulness and group/societal skills enhancement. These unions will be guided to make a tolerant working environment and compromising skills.

9. Teaching profession need total commitment and focus. Different geographic of country have different mindset of population. So transfers of teachers will be avoided unless someone needs it. Also policies will be design to hire teachers from respective areas.

10. Watchdog and follow-ups committees of parents and teachers at local level will be formed to establish a better working relationship with teachers. These committees will feedback BEC for its policies.

11. All the civil servants will obligatorily get admission of their children in public sector schools for better cooperation in achieving the goal of quality education at commoner’s door step.


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  1. Al Sunna says:

    Assalam walakum,

    This blog is a very nice blog, I have found it very beneficial to know more about islam. Thanks for sharing the information.

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