Peace and Human Rights A solution to Problems

The Holy Prophet (pbuh), while defining a Muslim as a believer stated: “A believer is a one who is so peaceful for others that he is known to be trustworthy as far as their lives, holdings and properties are concerned. He should be a peaceful and trustworthy man among the society. Only he deserves to be declared as a Muslim.” Again it is stated, Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) vowed: “By God he is not a believer, he is not a believer, he is not a believer, the one who could not provide peace and security to his neighbors.” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declared: “There is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab or of a non-Arab over an Arab, of white over a black or black over a white. All are equal”

In Islam all are equal. This has proved many times in the great era of Muslims. I want to quote here an inspiring event from Umar’s caliphate when “jandi saboor” was under attack by Muslim Forces. One day city opened the doors for Muslims. People were busy in teir business and routine households. Muslim solders asked in wonderment “what is that.” Citizens said, “You have given us peace assurance so war goes to hell.” On investigation it was revealed that a Muslim slave had given the peace assurance. On asking Abu Moosa, the general of army, from Hazrat Umar by mail about the matter the later replied “Slave of Muslim is Muslim and his Ama’an is Ama’an of all Muslims.

Under the guidance of these teachings of Islam, it is responsibility of executive to provide the peace assurance of life and wealth and honor to all of the peoples. Any party is not allowed to take taxes or rule any more if it could not do so. Abu Obaidah returned all the Jizya to Christians when went to battle of “Yermoke” saying to his finance officer “We are to save them against the taxes they paid but at current crisis situation we cannot hold the responsibility of defending them so return their money and announce that the relation among us is present but as we cannot defend you so Jizya is being returned”

This is one example from golden era of Islam but our history is full of such inspiring examples.
Once a man said many times, “O Omar, fear from God”. One from audiences said to him that it is enough now. Hazrat Umar said, “let him say as if people do not say they will become useless and if we do not accept right then we.”

This subject of freedom of expression is readdressed by founder of Pakistan in his reply to the Address of Welcome Presented by the Principal, Staff and Students of the Edwards College, Peshawar on l8th April, 1948, he said, “Praise your government when it deserves, Criticize your government fearlessly when it deserves, but, do not go on all the time attacking, including in destructive criticism, taking delight in running down the Ministry or the Officials. They are not now bureaucrats.”

1973 constitution of Pakistan also give the assurance of human rights in articles 9 to 28. So due to immense importance in Islam as well as in constitution it is an important part of a political manifesto for Pakistan. Also for a political party to win the voters mind, party has to assure them the protection, honor, integrity and sovereignty.

Human Rights are also important for any political party as democratic system in Pakistan is still trying to get rid of feudalism, and parties are struggling to achieve a healthy civilized society with Security of person, Safeguards as to arrest and detention, Slavery, forced labor prohibited, Protection against retrospective punishment, Inviolability of dignity of man, Freedom of movement, Freedom of assembly, Freedom of association, Freedom of trade, business or profession, Freedom of speech, Freedom to profess religion and to manage religious institutions.

In addition to all the discussion about rights we should also be responsible about our duties; all of us are neglecting and try to escape. Hassina Wajid of Bangladesh said that to elect angels, voter should necessarily be the angles. It is our own responsibility to understand our obligations and then talk about accountability.

The law enforcement agencies are not above law and order but they are now perceived to be. Political cells in agencies working for stability in country are useless and destroying the rule of law concept and raise the concept of jungle law making some elites king makers. To controlling crimes it is necessary to address the cause of crimes. These causes are feeling of insecurity, lawlessness, unemployment, justice denied, illiteracy, unawareness to judicial system and criminal procedure etc. and these factors may be addressed by improvement in education, economy and judicial system.
We hope Pakistan will re appear as one of most peaceful countries.

Long Live Pakistan!


5 thoughts on “Peace and Human Rights A solution to Problems

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