Environment Protection Society

Forms and Details Available Here

EPS aims to systematize events and campaigns for consciousness about environmental issues and to work in partnership with governmental and non-governmental organizations at local, national and international levels. EPS will work to mobilize concerning authorities to reduce hazards to environment.

I was a part of EPS in my university for last year. But this year i had given up due to immense burden of studies and my dedication to magazine Almohandis. But for EPS this year memberships i designed a banner which was liked by most. I thought i shold share it with world.

Its web 2.0 style based. With orb type semi curved rectangles. And a light color scheme. Colors mainly choiced related to environment. And then behind all this a graphic with linear transparency from bottom to top fading gradually and disappearing. Mainly Sajjad suggested that a design with this like arrangement should be made. I then worked on project and here is finalized version for you.

Come and Join hands with Us you all UETians.



4 thoughts on “Environment Protection Society

  1. Nice effort buddy though you are not the part of EPS but yet EPS can never forget your dedication for your tremendous hardwork you are really appreciable for ur committment with ur work.
    B happy

    • Hassan Raza says:

      It was hard for me too take this resignation decision from EPS. But it was necessary for cyclic transfer of rights to juniors. I enjoyed working with you in EPS. Hope you would continue with EPS.

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