Exam Pyrexia!!

oh blogging…. sorry i forgot i just forgot i  got a blog :P….. Really it was too stuffed life with pulse widths of power electronics, numerical formulas of Electronic circuit design, tricky derivations of Electromagnetic field theory and probability of equally likely events and transmission of introduction to power and its laod flow analysis, and fourier series of Signals and systems and and and…. what not else than a hell. Really i forgot eating, sleeping,am not trying to prove myself  a theeta at all but trying to say that after chill life we passed throughout the semester i am trying to make it through from finale.

And from tomorrow the time of trial arrives.

Yepp my dear fellows i am suffering from Exams. And feeling i would be filtered out by some low pass filter of Signals and systems or by three phase controller of power electronics.

Need your prayers. May Allah help me and you all.



5 thoughts on “Exam Pyrexia!!

  1. Assalamoalaikum,

    It was a little humourous post. I think I had forgotten about mine too. Best of luck in exams, May Allah give you success ameen.

  2. Jan Shair says:

    Hello n Hy.!!! Its really touching post!!!!
    You have to transmitted through the medium of EXAMS…… As medium is necessary to progress signals n systems…!!! I am polarized in these preps._+_++_

  3. Wish you a good luck with your exams. You know Raza bro I hate exams… I wish there was no Exams… Just go straight and study further. Loll: That’s my own dream. Tc…

  4. Saad Noor says:

    Nice combination of electrical terms and humour 😉 To me, exams are no less than a worst nightmare and I thank the Almighty a lot when they are over. I guess your exams have finished by now, i’m late to comment. But wish you good luck with the results 🙂

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