Literary Olympiad 2010

October 2009: New Editorial board for university magazine was formulated. We were of the idea that we have to bring up the magazine and improve its quality with this vision in our minds we thought of arranging a writing competition in university to encourage youth to write out their feelings.

December 2009 : We finalized the idea what the competition would be all about. Got approved from administration and started its advertisement campaign work.

January 2010: We all got busy in exams and the event got delayed till february.

February 2010: The time was short and journey towards destiny was long. We have to do all arrangements within 10 days. Thanks to all organizers who worked hard day and night and made it possible.A name of competition was to be suggested so editorial boards of English and Urdu were assigned the task Urdu Editorial Board suggested ” Adabi Dangal ” and english editorial board suggested ” literary Olympiad” Although Adabi dangal was more interesting and innovative kind of name but was rejected due to non sophistication and funniness. 😛

So the date for Olympiad was planned to be 25 february. Last week before event was extreme busy one i merely attended any lecture , bunked all and we worked hard day and night. And finally the day 25 February arrived.

Literary Olympiad was composed of 9 competitions with prize money in each. More than 300 students participated in various competitions. The students were free to write on either suggested topics or topics given on spot or topics of their own choice.

At about 9’o clock the event started. Vice Chancellor Dr. Akram Javaid (Patron in Chief ALMOHANDIS) and DSA Dr Tahir Nadeem  Malik with all deans and chairmen participated in awareness campaign of Environment Protection Society. And signed Seal the deal campaign and planted a tree.

Then the opening ceremony of Literary Olympiad was held in Conference hall.  A promotional video about making and purpose of event was shown to audience (We completed this promo just in time worked whole night to complete it). ALMOHANDIS Patron in Chief Dr. Akram Javaid and Chief Editor ALMOHANDIS Dr Qaisar-Uz-Zaman addressed the audience and the Literary Olympiad announced open.Then the events started at their respective locations.

Olympiad included English writing competitions: Essay writing , Article writing , poetry which were held in conference hall.

And Urdu writing competitions: Mazameen , Afsana-o-Kahani ,Tanz-o-Mazah held in Examination hall Computer/Software department.

And art and design competitions: Painting/ Sketching (held in Drawing hall Mechanical Department), Title Page design, Photo Essay competitions were held online and presented in Conference hall.

GOTO_Almohandis_Blog For further details and news about event.


3 thoughts on “Literary Olympiad 2010

  1. Haris Gulzar says:

    Hard work always pays. And almost always, the work for such events gets completed on the 11th hour :-). The picture is great :-), and I’m sure the designs were made by you…

  2. Hassan Raza says:

    have u visited the magazine site? complete details and all my work available there.

  3. M. M. says:

    I’d like to know about the drawing you’ve included in this post of yours. It’s lovely. (: And so are your designs. Amazing. (:

    And next year, I hope to be the part of Literary Olympaid. 😛

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