4 thoughts on “Juvenile’s misconceptions about Love

  1. Arsh Azim says:

    wah ji 😛 mere group ki batain out honay lagi ab :d

  2. There is no stuff like that love … its all fake . No matter whatever we do and how much sincere we are to any person , in the end that person leaves us in misery and complete utter loneliness … and that suxX !!!
    i hate “love” …. I would rather “flirt” than “love” 😀

  3. QAMAR says:

    Love is not an adjective, its a verb. It is something that you actually do, not something you dream or wish for. By mere thinking that you love or saying “I love you” is not love. Love is something that is shown from your actions not by costly perfumes or jewellery.

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