Cinemagraph Tests

The thread strted by Salman Latif here I executed it.

The idea is capturing a picture which has some moving part in it.

The thing is called cinemagraph. Using my Nikon D5000 I shot some leaves, mom while knitting, and water in glass. And then all set to experiment.

As said in tutorial go to photoshop File> Import> Video as Frames

then set the duration which you want to see in your cinemagraph. Out of my 20 seconds clippings I happened to select only 3 to 4 seconds with importing 3 to 4 frames from each second sample.  But file was still heavy. Anyways worked it out and  deleted the un necessary frames by concentrating which frames carry the motion in picture i want to add.

Now all set to most tricky part of process of making an alpha channel.

For some of my cinemagraphs it worked good but for some it was pathetic. And it demanded need for captured to exhibit specific motion only and all other static otherwise related motion in frame makes the effect fake.

Saving file is easy goto File> save for web> and then choose GIF format with interlacing and also resize the image to reduce the size considerably. I resized to 30 percent of original images. And file size reduced from 5 mb’s to a few kbs

Here are results.

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