A very nice article by Khawaja Ali Arshad. Must try it in your life. Will really change your day. And what you can get out of it 🙂

Mirch Masala

Human beings like Are not Meant to Operate computers – at high speeds, Continuously, for long periods of time. We’re designed to be rhythmic, and to intermittently renew. Here are the six Strategies we’ve found work best:

1. Sufficient sleep Make your highest priority. Far too many of us buy into the myth That One hour less of sleep Allows us one more of productivity. In fact, even very small Amounts of sleep deprivation Significantly undermine capacity for focus, analytic thinking and creativity. The research is clear: more than 95 per cent of seven to eight us require hours of sleep in order to be fully rested, and for our brains to Optimally embed new learning. Great performers, ranging from musicians to athletes, get even more than Often 8 hours.

2. Take a break at least every renewal ninety minutes
It’s now how long you work That Determines the value you produce, but Rather the energy…

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