“If we dont think to change we may be doing the same damn thing our forefathers died doing. To be exceptional you need to be revolutionary”

The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn, art introduced me to the Revolution! For only this Revolution can bring forth from its hidden depths, in the new beauty of a nobler Universalism, that which it once tore from the conservative spirit of a time of beautiful but narrow-meted culture—and tearing it, engulphed.


Youth activist and Technologist known for strategic and focused approach, with accolades for managing diversified teams, creating value for partners, and establishing creative strategies for multi impact innovation projects. Deep knowledge of startup company models and how to identify disruptive startup technologies. A thought leader in the emerging Internet of Things build out and can enable organizations to pursue game changing digital business strategies with a particular focus on analytic services and applications implementation.

Graduate from University of Engineering and Technology Taxila in Electrical Engineering. Honoured to represent Pakistan in JENESYS Exchange Program for SAARC Countries, Japan in 2010. Social Innovation Award Winner at Islamabad Startup Weekend 2014.


21 thoughts on “About

  1. desertfalcon says:

    diz website iz intersting

  2. Mehreen Ali Kasana says:

    mmm. This seems interesting.

  3. spotlesssoul says:

    I wonder why but somehow it’s my habit to go through one’s introduction/prolegomenon/about at first view of one’s blog. And I must say that your introduction is concise yet really interesting (:

    And woah.. special day as your birthday:) Means patriotism is, somehow, in foundation of your existence:)

    Lol. I share the feeling of being unforgotten on birthday. Since I entered the realms of this world on new year night:)

    And since am also in same field, i am SO enjoying the terms you’ve included in your blog. Impressive job done young man.

    I’m honoured to be in your blog roll. I’m also adding you in mine!:) Hope to be in contact through our writings.

    Be blessed always (:

    • Hassan Raza says:

      Its good habit of yours. Yes patriotism and me are analogous… 😛 And you and New Things are another anology :P. Well i also enjoyed visiting your blog. A very cute one.Thank for rewarding me with your feedback. Your comment is one of longest ones on my blog…..Sorry for Late reply. 🙂 I was busy… 🙂

  4. Raheel says:

    All the best for upcoming endeavours and an advanced ‘happy birthday’ – I, somehow, never been able to wish anyone on time; Yeah, I know the ‘lazy, stone-hearted blah blah’ me 😉

  5. Asad Ali says:

    Hummm…thats so good..Love your blog title..& header….Your blog depicts… that you are an “Electric Engineer” 🙂
    Thank you for adding me to your blog roll.

  6. Ali Adnan says:

    nice “about” intro 🙂 .. thanks for liking my blog … which is not much of a blog, just a collection of things i come across on the web 🙂 … I might actually avail your offer of building a header or retouching a couple of pics of mine … but in due time.

    and may Allah bless you too with success and happiness in both the worlds

  7. nice “about” intro .. thanks for liking my blog … which is not much of a blog, just a collection of things i come across on the web … I might actually avail your offer of building a header or retouching a couple of pics of mine … but in due time.

  8. A nice blog really 🙂 Specially the way you employed ”electricity” in your blog terminology. That probably speaks of your affection for your ”electrical” profession. Keep the good work going.

  9. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  10. That header and your “about” post is pretty cool (: “Raza” happens to be my brother’s name!

  11. Taheem says:

    really nice blog……

  12. zahidmasoodh says:

    happy birthday, i did not see any other place where my wish will stay permanent but this, hope you appreciate it. best. your younger brother ,Zahid Masood.

  13. Arsh Azim says:

    Happy Birthday ❤ 😀 😀

  14. Nice blog…Lots of luck Hassan 🙂

  15. Zubaria says:

    since im not an engineer so i dint get the engg-terminology 😛
    Japan Japan Japan 😀 coOl,eh!! 😉
    thanks for dropping by!!
    and I must say, that post u reblogged lastnight..wo KOEL wala. whao!! its one heck of a B-L-O-G!! 😀
    KEEP RE-BLOGGING her xD 8)

  16. Khaula Nazir says:

    You have a wordpress blog? Huh? Wow.

  17. Azeem Javed says:

    Impressive yar. . . . Allah may keep u safe and successful always .

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